Monday, April 9, 2012

Hi Students and Substitute! I hope your holiday weekend was good. Mine was for the most part… Until I got home Sunday afternoon. I am not feeling well at all.

The sub binder is on my desk in room 009. It has my current schedule, passes, attendance lists, etc. The assignments for the classes are linked to the classes listed to the left.

Before you go onto your class assignment, check out Google today and click once on the Google Doodle. Just neat. Now go on to your assignment for the day…

Day E

Hall duty, 7:24 – 7:34 in the Career Arts hall: Substitute, Greet students. No hats, sitting on floor. Pick-up after themselves at tables. Jess and Chen are on duty with you.

Period 5, 7:40 – 8:21, Graphics (click here)

Period 1, 8:25 – 9:06, Commons, House I: Open the sub binder to the section with highlighted attendance sheet/s. Students check in for attendance in the highlighted column. Take the “Sign-In/Out” sheet out and place on table for students to record if they are leaving and coming in.

Period 2, 9:10 – 9:51, Video Production (click here)

Period 3, 9:55 – 10:36 Prep: Substitute, see Donna Williams to see if there is something you can assist with.

Period 4, 10:41 – 12:03 (go to lunch wave 3, and return), Graphics (click here)

Period 6, 12:41 – 1:22, Photos (click here)

Period 7, 1:26 – 2:07, Photos (click here)

Please make sure the cabinet is closed and locked.

Thank you!