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Final Exam
Tuesday, June 12th, 2012 | Author:

Parts 1 & 2 – Multiple Choice:

  1. Log onto a computer.
  2. Go to this link:
  3. EITHER log into QuizStar if you have an account OR sign up.
  4. Click on the SEARCH tab to find and register for our class P6Photos (spelled exactly like that with no spaces)
  5. Click on the CLASSES tab then click on one of the untaken quiz under the P6Photos class
  6. Follow all instructions online. DO NOT use your browser’s navigation arrows to go back and forth between pages. ONLY use the navigation system within the website.
  7. After submitting that quiz, take the second one.


  • You are responsible for completing all past-due work and posting it online. If you can not, you must let me, Ms. Vincent, know,  and save it to your USB drive CLEARLY labeled with the assignment name.
  • Your exam challenges must be turned into a JPGs/JPEGs. If you can not, you must let me, Ms. Vincent, know,  and save it to your USB drive CLEARLY labeled EXAM.
  • You must return/hand-in your USB with lanyard and name tag before the exam period ends.
  • Enjoy being creative while demonstrating your technical skills! :)

Part 3 – Editing Challenges:

1. Selected Subject – Keep one hand and it’s arm in color and turn the rest of the image black and white. Neatness counts! Save as a JPEG/JPG and post at the top of your online portfolio.


2. Selected Subject – Keep the people, their clothes, and the bouquet as is, and change everything else to be obviously blurry. Neatness counts! Save as a JPEG/JPG and post at the top of your online portfolio.


3. Combination – Add the man to the group of people so he looks as if he belongs in that group of people (placed so he appears to be pointing in same direction, make adjustments so color and tone match, etc.). Neatness counts! Save as a JPEG/JPG and post at the top of your online portfolio.

Click on pictures to enlarge before using.




Make sure your work is turned into a JPG and posted in your portfolio.


Your Quarter 4 work that should be online:

  • Exam piece (combination)
  • Exam Piece (selected subject bride groom)
  • Exam Piece (selected subject hands)
  • Your work in the style of (top five OR all if you were missing them from your presentation)
  • Arizona Tea Extra Credit (only if you want the extra credit – NOT required)
  • Two Trick Photography
  • Two Silly Compounds



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Study Guide for Photographers
Tuesday, June 05th, 2012 | Author:

Click the link below to see the photographers and example work you should be able to identify on this section of the final exam.


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Extra Credit
Monday, May 21st, 2012 | Author:

Visit this link to learn the requirements for this REAL LIFE design challenge using your Photoshop skills. This is for extra credit only. NOT required in Photography Classes.

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Order of Presentations
Tuesday, May 08th, 2012 | Author:
  1. Joey
  2. Linney
  3. Olivia Mecca
  4. Michela Q
  5. Julia
  6. Alex
  7. Michaela
  8. Amanda
  9. Olivia M (nr)
  10. Cooper (nr)
  11. Austin
  12. Kayla
  13. Gunnar (nr, nr)
  14. Emily (nr)
  15. Hannah (nr)
  16. Kara
  17. Nick
  18. Rachel
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Photographers Selected for Project P6
Tuesday, April 10th, 2012 | Author:

Bailey, Alexandra –
Cutarelli, Michaela – Steve McCurry
D’Addario, Gunnar – Elliot Erwitt
Fetzer, Amanda – Galen Rowell
Lampognana, Lindsey –
Lugli, Kara – Lynn Saville
Marek, Austin – Annie Liebovitz
Martocchio, Joseph – Jay Maisel
Mecca, Olivia – Anne Geddes
Michaud, Olivia – Michael Kenna
Miner, Rachel – Ansel Adams
Morse, Emily – Jim Brandenburg
Nardi, Julia – Elizabeth Carmel
Qyteza, Michela – Charlie Waite
Sullivan, Nicholas – Paul Strand
Trivaudey, Hannah – Tony Sweet
Van Rooijen, Casper –
White, Kayla – James Worrell
Zima, Mark – Ralph Gibson

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Who’s Who in Photography
Monday, April 09th, 2012 | Author:

Remember that search project I spoke of in the beginning of this course? Its the “Who’s Who in Photography” project! Yes! Don’t panic… We will take this project step-by-step in class…

What are you responsible for? First you must find a photographer who is/was established, has his/her work shown in galleries or in print production, is famous, etc. (not someone who simply takes pictures for hobby). Here are some links to start your search…

What to look for when selecting a photographer:

  • A biography of this person
  • Minimum of 10 pictures
  • Can you describe the style of this photographer’s work?
  • Can YOU work in his/her style? And
  • Describe how you created your work to look like it is the style of that photographer.

Here is a link to the general rubric for the presentation: Who’s Who in Photography Rubric

First step: Find a photographer you are interested in. No one may use the same person, so have a few ready for tomorrow. I will call your names at random tomorrow, and as long as the person you say has not been said by someone called before you, you will get that person/topic. I suggest you select someone whose work you like and that you can imitate the style of… So please think carefully about how you might do that!

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Photoshop Editing – Silly Compounds
Wednesday, March 28th, 2012 | Author:

Use your Photoshop skills to create a literal depiction of a compound word.

Look at these lists of compound words (use links below).

Compound Words

More Compound Words

Even More Compound Words

Choose one and make a literal translation of it using your Photoshop skills… Actually, you are responsible for TWO of these projects, thoughtfully done and well executed.

preset: US Paper, 8.5×11, 300 resolution

EXAMPLE: Catfish

EXAMPLE: Horsefly

EXAMPLE: Brainwashing

EXAMPLE: Butterfly

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Start a New Online Portfolio System
Wednesday, March 07th, 2012 | Author:

Hello Students! You are going to start an online account with for showcasing your work. Follow these steps please:

  1. Go to
  2. Type your first name and last initial in the first window. If it is red, that name is already taken, and you have to try something else. Try your first name and last name. Try something until it turns black. Remember what you’ve entered!
  3. Complete the rest of the form. Use an email address you can access. If you do not have an email address, YOU DO have a school email address! It is You can access it through and simply use your school username and password to access the account.
  4. Check in your email for a message from Portfoliopen and click the link in it to activate your account.
  5. Send Mr. Vincent an email message with your class period in the subject and your account name or URL in the message (

Lessons on how to set your portfolio up for your class work will be given in class. If you would like to explore and set it up on your own, please have the following sections (type=photography):



In the Style of …


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Project – Out of Scale Yet in Proportion
Thursday, March 01st, 2012 | Author:

Combine your pictures to create an image in which objects are in proportion to themselves, yet are out of scale in their environment. See examples below.

Your project must have three or more people out of scale with their environment but in proportion to themselves. All pictures must be taken by you.

most terrific example!!!

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Skill Builder – Combining pictures and adding shadow
Thursday, March 01st, 2012 | Author:

Click on the picture below then copy and paste into Photoshop

Click on the picture below then copy and paste into Photoshop

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Skill-Builder: Enhance Dull Photos
Monday, February 20th, 2012 | Author:

In class, we will learn to enhance a photo using image adjustments.

EXAMPLE (before and after)



  1. Click on the picture below to enlarge it
  2. Right-mouse click on the larger version to copy it
  3. Open Photoshop: FILE>NEW and click OK
  4. Paste

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Coin – Selective Editing
Wednesday, February 15th, 2012 | Author:

Click on (to make bigger) and copy this image. Start a new file in Photoshop and paste…

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Skill Builders
Monday, February 13th, 2012 | Author:

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Skill-Builder: Selection tools, moving, resizing
Thursday, February 09th, 2012 | Author:

You will need the following picture in Photoshop for our in-class skill-building exercise.

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Study Hall in 009
Wednesday, February 08th, 2012 | Author:

As we talked about in class, you are to use this time as a study hall. Please use this time to catch up on class work. You may be excused to go to your locker to get work. Ask your substitute. I will see you tomorrow! :)

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Rule of Thirds
Friday, February 03rd, 2012 | Author:

Please visit the following site and read a little more about the rule of thirds. DO visit all the links in the “Delving Deeper” section to see and learn more.


Take some pictures in this weekend that demonstrate the rule of thirds!

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USB Drive Tag
Wednesday, August 31st, 2011 | Author:

Instructions given in class.

Create a 2″ x 3.5″ name tag for your USB storage device and lanyard. The tag must clearly state your first name, last name, and class period. Add images that have to do with you. Make it unique so it stands out in a crowd!

If using Adobe Photoshop, remember the following…

  • Size: 2″ x 3.5″ wide or tall, your choice
  • Resolution: 150-300
  •  Each picture you copy from the web and paste (ctr+V, or EDIT>PASTE) into Photoshop will be in its own layer. To manipulate, edit or change that picture, you will have to make sure that picture’s layer is selected.
  • The MOVE tool (top, black arrow) had a feature/property that should be checked-on… SHOW TRANSFORM CONTROLS. This will show “handles” around your picture that you may click, hold, and drag to resize the picture. If you hold SHIFT while resizing, the image will stay in proportion as you resize it.

Business card sized, 3.5″ x 2″


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